August 2015

Probably the biggest news for our family this month is the baptism of Ethan.

baptism 1baptism 2

The other big news is our new puppy.  His name is Rico and he is a long haired Chihuahua.  The kiddos love him.  He is 8 months old and is full grown.

Rico (1024x776)


This past month I was able to certify as an EMT2a.  This cert allows me to administer additional medications during emergency treatment.  I was also able to volunteer time to provide EMS at a local music festival.

This month began a new class for our youth group.  Using funds set aside for youth, I purchased several solid books to aid in Bible study.  As a group, we have been learning the basics of solid Bible reading with a goal to understanding the meaning and applying it to life.  With that goal, the youth now have their own copies of several books including an exhaustive concordance, Bible dictionary, and Bible handbook.  Soon I hope to add a quality atlas of Bible eras to their bookshelves.

But the big event was the privilege and honor of baptizing Ethan.  I conducted a baptism class for four youth.  We studied the meaning of baptism as well as the method.  They all wrote their personal testimonies and got ready for cold water.

Following the service on August 9th, the church went down to the river at a public boat launch.  There, those being baptized gave a public profession of faith and all were baptized by their fathers.  Did I mention the water was cold?  No warm, pool like baptisms here.

We concluded the service, got warmed up and changed and enjoyed a church potluck.


Wow! August already. Fall is definitely in the air. The breeze has turned cold, a few leaves are turning yellow, and the temperature is dropping. Its almost time to shut the windows.
The babies and I have been adventuring all summer. We’ve been all over town. We play at the rock quarry, the river bank, the boat launch and the playground. We have walked for miles and ate pounds of raspberries right off the bush.
The teenagers have been busy and have spent most of the summer doing their own things. I miss having adventures with them too.
I have spent my free time knitting. I have made hats, mittens, slippers and scarves. I am working on a pair of socks, a sweater for William, and slowly making progress on an afghan. I entered one hat and a pair of mittens in the fair.
knit mittens (1024x765)
We have a new dog. He is Rico, an eight pound long haired chihuahua. He is eight months old and a real sweetie. He is fitting in great with our family. I was afraid that we would cause a lot of allergy problems with the big kids but that hasn’t happened.


This last month I went on a cultural exchange trip to Kodiak! I got to see my Uncle, as well as going to several museums. It was really cool to learn about the culture of Kodiak Island! We went on a tour of a fish hatchery and learned all about little salmons. It was a really fun trip but I’my glad to be home with my family.


This month I spent a week in Kodiak. After waking up we went to the local rec center and we all said our goodbyes (when my little brother was told he couldn’t play with the toys there I just decided he was crying because he’d miss me) and my sister got in a car with two teenage boys and a mom and I got the seat over the rear axle in a van with 4 kids in the two seats ahead of us under the age of 10 and a few adults. The trip was mostly boring but I had some fun at a cool river and when we got to Homer to wait for the ferry it was really early and I slept. Sadly the van was a little old and the door couldn’t be opened from the inside. I got stuck there for 15 minutes waiting for someone to notice the sleepy teenager waving at everyone since I couldn’t yell with the kids sleeping in there as well. The ferry ride if I remember right was rather uneventful but I saw lots of red white and blue jellyfish(patriotic medusozoa FTW). We arrived to be greeted my uncle who is a salmon hatchery manager there and he showed us his awesome Lincoln Continental with airbag rising suspension. He allowed us to stay at his house during the week(we got red king crab and lots of ice cream) and days I stayed with my group at a church and did cool stuff.

The ferry ride home was pretty fun and first my sister some friends and I went walking and talking around the ferry. Before we went to sleep the we watched a movie and only one friend and I stayed up for the whole movie my sister and the other friend went to sleep early. Once we woke up all of us migrated to the bow of the ferry to get some sun and watched another movie there. One friend’s mother bought us lunch and she is a really nice woman then we got off the ferry awhile later in Whittier and luckily we got good weather but the dock had a strange way to get on and off so we had to get off in the car bay. The ride home was mainly everyone going as fast as legally possible to get home fast and I slept most of the way home.

Glad to be back

Emily and William: in pictures

Emily and Wm berry picking (576x1024) Em and Wm sand (576x1024) Em and Wm rock climbing (1024x576) Em and Wm bubbles (612x1024)


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