September 2015

September 2015

Seems like Fall started in Nenana before August was even half over.  Rains came and were welcome.  We have had a dry year.  The fires around the state smoldered and then went out thanks to all of that rain.

The days began shortening and the temperatures fell.  Bill ran on a 911 call in the early morning and had to scrape the windows of the car.  We saw the first hints of yellow in the leaves.  As of this blog post, there’s a lot more yellow than green on the hill above the town.

2072 (450x800)

Winter seems too close.  But as it approaches, the family looks forward to the Arctic Barnabas Ministry Family Retreat at the end of September.  The time we get to spend with other ministry families is a yearly treat before winter sets in on Alaska.

2075 (450x800)


A favorite part of my week is rising early on Saturday.  Rebecca gets to sleep in a bit while I make breakfast for the babies and begin on a nice breakfast for the two of us.  We have now made Saturday a day where Rebecca doesn’t need to bother with the kitchen at all.

I have added a new favorite thing to Saturdays.  I am giving the teens my own version of Home Ec classes.  The three of us together are making supper for the whole family as they learn to cook the way I learned.

I get nostalgic on Saturdays, thinking of my momma teaching me to cook.  Lots of the same foods are rolling out on Saturdays as she taught me to make.

In the midst of these two meals, Ethan and I pick a “guy movie” or two and just enjoy one another.  Saturdays have become my time to minister to my own household and I have been enjoying every minute of it.

August was rainy as always, so we did not go on as many walks as in July.  But now that September is here, the sun is back out. The leaves have turned yellow, orange and red. The fireweed has gone to seed. There is frost on the cars in the mornings and soon ice will be found on top of the puddles.

This morning I sorted out the mittens, hats and scarves, washed the winter jackets and made sure the snow pants still fit the babies. I plan to straighten up the green house and shed for winter in the coming days. All the toys will need to be picked up from the yard and stored for next spring. I brewed pumpkin flavored coffee.

1988 (450x800)

I have been knitting some Christmas gifts as well as a sweater for William. Bill has a new hat and a pair of wool mittens. I entered some knitted items in the fair and a dolly sweater won 2nd place and I was awarded $2!

The babies begin Head Start tomorrow and they are excited to see their friends again. The teachers came to visit and were really excited by the changes they saw since the end of school this spring. Today Emily and William and I will be making family picture posters for them to take to school with them.

I will be enjoying some quiet time this week and then I will get to some much needed in depth house cleaning to get ready for the coming winter.


This last month, I had my birthday and school started! I’m 17 now, and a senior in high school. I’m going to public school this year, and so far I have enjoyed it. it’s really nice to get to spend time with my friends, and get back into the swing of academic things.I’m looking forward to this being a really great last year of school!


Ethan is a working man.  He has been putting in lots of work hours at a local tree farm.  He wanted to get a job and posted fliers asking for odd jobs.  He got a good job offer instead.

The tree farm owner speaks highly of Ethan’s work ethic.  Ethan can be given a work list and trusted to work solo and get all accomplished.

Ethan cashed his first check and followed a budget to save some, spend some and give some.


Emily has been eager for school to start.  She has been asking to see her friends.  The visit from her teacher has her stoked for another year.  One more year of preschool and then we will see a senior graduate and a kindergartner enroll.


William got stitches this past month.  He was playing with Emily at a MacDonald’s Playland and took a fall.  He landed on his chin and split it open.  Fortunately, Rebecca was able to rush William to an urgent care facility.  A few stitches later and William had three little whisker like stitches.  He was very proud of his “beard”.

Rebecca and I managed to remove the stitches a home according to the doctor’s advised timeframe.  William has a cute little line that can only be seen if he looks up.  He was brave throughout the ordeal.



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