November 2015


Winter is definitely here.  Nenana has seen a little more snow than usual.  The roads have been a little worse for travel.  But the beauty of snow laden trees and white capped hills and mountains surrounds us.

Since the last post, our family was able to attend a family ministry retreat hosted by Arctic Barnabas.  In addition to chapel sessions, we enjoyed the fellowship of friends and fellow missionaries from many places in the state.  The time was relatively quiet and immensely restful.  We capped the retreat off with a mini vacation.  We spent a few days in Anchorage.  We finished with a few days in Glennallen.  Now we are back home.

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The winter weather has made travel difficult and, on some days, unsafe.  I have worked several highway collisions.  Two involved tractor trailers.  One of the scenes required working through most of the night.  Fortunately, we have been blessed to see our patients do quite well.

Recently, I was called out for a medical need.  The patient ended up not going in the ambulance, but my partner and I were able to lend a hand.  Following the event, I returned later to check in and be sure all was well.  A relative kindly told me that she loves that my family is there for the town and the people.  It can be easy to forget that many eyes are upon us and notice the way we live and the values we hold dear.  I was reminded that people do notice and love that we love the people in this village.



Winter is looming ever closer. The hens have mostly stopped laying eggs. The trees are bare. The breezes are cold. The cars are frosty. The children need to wear their hats and mittens.

I knit in my free time and I am working on a sweater for Bill.


This month was kind of a blur! I’ve been very busy, I’m trying to keep my grades up so I can keep my 4.0. my goal is to have a four-point-oh all year long. I’m also involved in several bands at school and I’ve been practicing a lot and going to a lot of shows! we recently opened and closed a show, and people really loved us!!


In September I did well in work I even got a raise! My boss and foreman keep saying I’m doing great at all the jobs they’ve had me do. I’m glad they have a reputation in town for their hard working attitude and their appreciation it helps people know I’m a good worker. This happened just recently but I learned how to drive the big John Deere tractor at the farm and I find it to be the best job there by far. I’ve always wanted to drive heavy equipment( when I was a small child I told my mom I wanted to drive the road grader) so I’m very excited to drive em in fact when I’m writing this tomorrow I’m going to learn to drive a skid steer.

During our trip to MFR I got the entire backseat to myself because Aerin decided she didn’t want to go it was VERY nice not sharing a seat with a toddler. Once we got there I immediately said hello to one of my friends that I don’t see often and showed them my new RC car(which comes up later as well) and had some fun with that. During the sessions with James O the teen pastor I had some hard times and many good times and I’ve come out of the whole experience much happier with life so he did well. I felt sad leaving and going away from my friends so we exchanged emails and I left but not without many goodbyes.

After MFR we went to Anchorage and stayed there a few days in comfortable conditions I enjoyed it at least but we had issues with ordering food (go to my parents writing to hear about that). While there we went to a hobby store to get some adapters put on my car because the stock charger broke and I had a different one but it had the wrong plug. We went home after the quick fix but sadly after charging it didn’t work so we went there the next day and after FOUR HOURS standing there ogling over many cool models and pieces I walked out with a working car that had needed a new motor and battery but otherwise it was fine.

After Anchorage we went to Glennallen so my parents could visit old friends and there I discovered my car ran exponentially faster backwards than forwards so after a little thinking I flipped the cover the throttle switch and steering backwards it works much better and the only real difference is its rear steering but with the steering switch it’s almost identical to before.

These two months have been relatively monotonous mostly filled with either work or school free time chores and sleep but in my school I’m learning German which is really exciting. I really like the language and one of my friends is also learning it so that’ll be fun. At the school we had a concert with grades k-12  and the rock bands the smallest kids mostly sing the smaller kids play ukulele and recorder and 5th and up play band instruments. The rock bands are named aptly because each band choose a song or two and play covers they are pretty good at what they do. The HS band played some Harry Potter music (hairy otter) a Spanish march and 3 songs by queen in end to end which personally was my favorite. My least favorite course this year is English by far I do not like writing at all but I need the credits so I’m stuck here.

Emily and William:

The babies were quite excited about dressing up for Halloween.  William was Mickey Mouse and Emily was a Snow Fairy.  Here are a few new pics of the babies

wm as mickey received_10208216912167516 received_10208216903927310 em as fairie 20151003_111016


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