December 2015


Merry Christmas!

I just got to be Santa for a Christmas bazaar in Nenana.  The beard is real, but not the gray.  I tried to use spray on dye to whiten it, but gray was as good as it got.  Maybe two cans next year.

Merry Christmas!  We are looking at a white Christmas.  Growing up in Iowa, a white Christmas was never guaranteed.  But with lots of snow and -20 to -30, Nenana gets a white Christmas every year.

The Troxels have a busy December, as most of you do too.  Among other things we will: have two teens perform at a Christmas concert; a Christmas dinner hosted by the Nenana Ice Classic; village wide caroling; and a Christmas Eve party complete with a reading of the Christmas story.

Now for a few updates:


Always a busy and wonderful time of year!  We enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving with a lot of folks from church.  Then we turned around and helped to host a community dinner the next day.  The attendance was record breaking for the 8 year run we have hosted the event.

The season has ramped up even more with opportunities to be out and about and lend a hand.

One issue at hand, I would ask for prayer.  Our town has seen the loss of a beloved elder.  She was one of the first folks here to help us learn to appreciate and respect the Athabaskan traditions.  She was a gentle and kind lady.  Please pray for God’s peace and love to be especially felt by her extensive family as they gather for their first Christmas without their loved one.

Also, for those who might enjoy it, an article on Saint Nicholas from a Baptist perspective: Click here for “My Kind of Santa.”




Snow. Cold. Wind. Mittens. Hat. Boots. Coats. Inside.November, December and January are really dark. It is not getting light until 9 a.m. and gets dark about 4 p.m. The little kids are always confused as to what day/time it is.

I got to help at Head Start this last week. A teacher was out ill, so I filled in. It was fun to spend the day with Emily and her friends. William is in a different room so I was not with him. We painted, read stories, marched around, built with magnetic plastic squares, played with beanbags and playdoh, and of course, ate lunch and snack.

I am still knitting things. Sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves and socks. I am trying to get the perfect pair of socks but never quite achieving it. I have ripped out at least six times!

Emily is interested in letters and words, and wanting to know how to write things down. She is super cuddly, shy sometimes, and loves everything pink (still). We are giving her an 18 inch doll for Christmas.

William is into cars and construction equipment. He loves tractors. He is speaking in full sentences and using descriptive words really well. He asked Aerin to open the “gigantic rectangle door” a few days ago. We are giving him a Hotwheels garage for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


This last month I started learning how to play the electric bass guitar. I’m really excited because soon my band is going to play in a concert and I get to be the bassist in two songs! I had fun over Thanksgiving break, and ate a LOT of pie 🙂 I’m happy to be back in school though. I missed my friends and I missed having something to do.


This thanksgiving I had lots of fun at the community feasts such as when a friend and I were playing games. We helped each other figure out how to play after new updates and then I skyped my friend who lives in Tennessee. I’m very happy we had bacon wrapped weenie sausages because while I don’t really like turkey    those little sausages are really good.

Later on my little brother was being a 2 year old and innocently putting a plastic bag over his head because he “wanted to be an astronaut”. After I told him to remove such a deadly device my little sister simply asked “why?” To which a great chorus of laughter erupted from where the adults were sitting.

The second community thanksgiving we arrived a little late because no one truly knew when it was starting and we prayed and got in line for food. My little brother and sister went a little crazy with the other kids, my big sister sat with her friends and since none of my friends were there I sat with my parents.

I got to drive to the second one after I got my driver permit which while I took the test twice on the second one I got a perfect score! I got to go on a snow machine ride with some of my friends but because we hadn’t gone before this year the trail had a few spots with so much brush we couldn’t go through. The last spot was on the home stretch and took about a half hour to forty five minutes and I got a “soft tissue injury” diagnosed by my EMT dad. Overall it was a good month.


12333078_10208421043190664_1207346523_o 12333277_10208421021310117_1834175084_o

Little Bill:



2 responses to “December 2015

  1. Thanks, Bill. Keep up the GREAT work. The gray is becoming of you! your brother, Dave

  2. Thanks Dave! it’s great to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well. I’ll be going to the Shepherd’s Conference this year. Any chance you’ll be dropping by your alma mater?

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