March 2016

Greetings family and family of supporters!

Things have warmed up in Nenana.  We had a week of temperatures above freezing.  Shorts and t-shirts are not quite our norm yet.  Winter still has a bit of cold left for us.  But we can see ground under the snow in some places.

The winter has been a bit busy.  There are always things to do or things that need to be done.  All the kids are busy with school.  Aerin is busy getting her college application completed.  I wonder though, if it’s this busy in the winter, how crazy is summer going to be?

It’s been awhile since our last update.  So some of the updates may go back to January.

Some individual updates:


Perhaps my biggest news is the recent privilege of officiating a marriage.  The groom is a former AWANA student.  The bride is a magnificent young lady.  I really enjoyed seeing young love just starting out eating dinner with me and my bride of 22 years.  They helped me plan a great ceremony that fit them well.

Even better, Rebecca and I got to get away for the weekend by ourselves and enjoy time just together.

In other great news, we may be looking to start a church building project in spring 2017.  The elders and I are still working out some details.  I’m very excited.


I celebrated my birthday in January with a trip to Fairbanks to stay in a hotel with a pool, and everyone enjoyed the change of scenery. We played mini golf and ordered pizza delivered!
At the end of January I was blessed to attend the Arctic Barnabas Ladies Retreat is Soldotna, held at a large lodge used for a bed and breakfast during the summer. It is great to be the one being served after serving others for so long.
The Nenana Ice Classic is gearing up for Tripod Weekend and this is an exciting year as it is the 100th payout.  I am on the board and we will all be working hard March 4, 5 and 6. The tripod goes up on the river on the 6th at 3 p.m. The ice is about 10 inches thinner than normal at this time.




This past month I’ve been really busy with my band, Violation Corrected. I play the bass guitar! We’re playing several gigs, including one at the Hard Rock Cafe in Anchorage! We’re playing all original music, and I’m really excited. I hope everything goes as planned!

(Proud Parent note: Aerin just received her acceptance to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus with an intended major of computer engineering)



These last few months I’ve done well with school. I am almost finished with English. I am halfway done with German and I am chugging along in history.

For English I read “To Kill A Mockingbird” and I really enjoyed the book.  However, I didn’t enjoy writing about the book because I just don’t like writing.

For history I have mostly just been reading and writing (I still don’t like writing) and German I have less vocabulary than a German toddler. I am not under the delusion that I’m good at it however I hope I will be soon.

Band at the school lately has been fun. However the music teachers’ family keeps getting sick so it’s hit or miss if he’ll be there. We have many songs we are practicing and we are doing well with most of them. Sadly next year I will likely be the only trombone. My big sister is graduating and her best friend the 2nd trombone is graduating as well. The 4th trombone I have heard is just not playing again next year. Wish me luck because I’m terrified to be the entirety of the trombone section.



Emily is always surprising me with new words. The latest new word I heard was when she said, “That is a fabulous chandelier!”

Emily’s dollie is rocking a new, handmade dress that matches hers.  Her mamma made both for them.



William celebrated his third birthday on the 19th of February and has moved up to Head Start from Early Head Start. He is now in the classroom with Emily and although there is some trouble learning new rules, he is doing great.

One response to “March 2016

  1. Russ Sharrock

    I saw your remarks concerning the possibility of starting a church building project in 2017. It is so exciting! We will be continually praying that everything works together smoothly, and that God will provide all the necessary funds. God bless y’all as you pray about, and begin planning for, the next step of your ministry for God’s glory, and to serve the people of Nenana. We miss everyone there.

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