April 2016


Winter is slowly melting away.  The roads are snow free.  The yard, not so much.  There is still some ice hiding where the sun can’t find it.  The river ice has yet to go out.  But the sun feels so warm when the wind isn’t blowing.  Winter coats have given way to lighter jackets.  The babies have new bikes and new helmets.  Walking around town is much more pleasant.


Other than winter giving way to spring, the family focus is on wrapping up the school year.  Aerin is soon to graduate and is eager to spread her wings and fly away to college.  Rebecca and I are so proud of her (and the other three too), but we feel the bittersweet success of seeing our first child leave the nest.  I remind myself that other parents have survived and so have their adult children.  But I can’t help but see my little girl when looking at the young woman in front of me.

We have a new supporting church.  Many thanks to the pastor, his family and the family of believers at Kenny Lake Chapel for their prayers and financial support!

Sometimes I forget which pictures and stories we have shared.  If there are any duplicates, it’s because I love showing pics of my beautiful bride and kiddos.

On to some individual updates:



I was blessed to go to the Shepherd’s Conference this year.  I get to go with an elder in the church and a pastor friend from SE Alaska.  A few days of warmer weather hits the spot in the middle of March.

I also enjoyed a few days away with the elders of the church.  We have a mini retreat twice a year.  We get some church business done and get to spend time with one another.  Among other things, we are getting more information together about a possible church building.  An existing building is being offered as a donation.  Now we are navigating the needs of the church as well as building codes.  I’m looking forward to a visit from my friend Craig who has recently finished a church building project in rural Alaska.  I hope to pick his brain on how best we can proceed.



Yay! It’s finally getting warmer! We are starting to spend time outside walking, playing, walking, playing, etc. The tripod is up on the river and now the waiting starts. The chickens are still laying well. I have a new part time job in sales for a local farm.  They are paying me in meat!!!



Aerin was accepted to the University of Alaska at Fairbanks

This month I was pretty busy, I had two different photography jobs! I’ve also been spending a lot of time getting ready for MusicFest. I found out I got accepted to the college I want to go to! I want to be a computer engineer, and the college has a really good engineering program. I’m so excited!



This month was a happy one for me. I have only two finals and about 3 lessons of my last class. I finished English two weeks ago and I just turned in my last assignment for History today. The only school I have left is German with about 3 lessons and concert band at the public school. I’ve also been able to play games online with my friend lately which I am thankful for. He lives in Tennessee and his parents have not started paying for a unlimited data internet service yet. Thankfully he practices Jujitsu at a gym near him which does have unlimited data and gets there early so a few times a week we can play. One incident that everyone is laughing at but me happened last week when I was on a walk with friends. I was walking with Natalie and Miriam White, who live across the street. Natalie was talking about how we could communicate without internet and not in person and suggested we use signs in our windows. My response was somewhere along the lines of “If someone saw me looking at your guys’ window with binoculars I’ll get real dead, real quick.” They laughed and I was just fearing for my life. My dad apparently thought it was great. Yay.



Emily has a new bike and new bike helmet that looks like a unicorn.  She loves going on adventures.  This photo is an adventure to Grandpa Rob’s shop.



Will is growing in leaps and bounds.  He graduated from the little kid’s class in preschool.  Now he is in class with his big sister.  He’s even learned to write his name




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