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Autumn 2016

Hello All!

It is now autumn, almost winter again. Where did the summer go? The leaves are all on the ground, the frost has ruined the garden and the chicks have grown up and will soon be laying eggs.

Right after graduating in May, Aerin moved to Fairbanks. She is attending University of Alaska, Fairbanks this fall. She is doing a great job out on her own and we couldn’t be prouder. The little kids moved upstairs to Aerin’s old room. Ethan worked at the tree farm again this summer. He is doing great in homeschool. He is growing a bunch, as is now almost an inch taller than me. Emily started Kindergarten at the public school this fall. She loves it. After school, she is taking ballet classes. Will goes to Head Start. He is friendly and smart. He can identify all the parts of a vehicle.

We did some travelling this summer. We attended the Village Missions conference in Cannon Beach, OR in June. After the conference ended, we flew back to Anchorage and drove to Homer. We stayed for a week in a wonderful missionary retreat house, up in the hills overlooking the bay. We just returned from the Missionary Family Retreat put on by Arctic Barnabas at Victory Bible Camp. We also spent a few days in Glennallen connecting with friends from years ago.

Bill is still part of the volunteer fire dept/ems. He will be attending some classes for his continuing education this winter. He has been preaching through the book of Psalms. In a few weeks, Bill and the elders will be meeting to prepare for the fall business meeting for Nenana Community Church. His back has been hurting some, so I bought him a new office chair.

I am on the Policy Council for Head Start. I will be attending a two day meeting in Fairbanks in November. We help set policy, budgets, and curriculum for the Tanana Chiefs Conference area. I have been knitting socks like crazy. I will also be involved in the kindergarten class when they need help.