Pastor Bill Troxel

Nenana Community Church

Nenana, AK 99760

I am a  missionary pastor serving in Village Missions and a  graduate of Alaska Bible College.  I serve Nenana Community Church as a full time pastor.  Our missionary support updates are hosted at The Troxel Family Times.

My wife Rebecca is a wonderful mother and talented quilter. Please check out her blog: Rebecca’s Retreat.

My oldest daughter Aerin is a wonderful teenaged young woman.  She loves zebra striped anything and eclectic styles.  She is an avid reader and an accomplished trombonist.

My oldest son Ethan is a delightful boy. He enjoys building with Lego’s, riding his bike, and reading about science.  He loves tools and wants to be a heavy equipment operator.

My youngest daughter is little Emily.  She was born May 2011.  She is always busy, but occasionally will let us put her down for a nap.

My youngest son William is a bundle of joy.  He was born February 2013.  He loves toy trucks and making animal noises.


4 responses to “About

  1. Jackie Moughler

    Bill & Rebecca-
    I loved hearing that Aerin is an avid reader! Mac is struggling in that area at school after being 3 grades ahead for the last 3 years! So, please pray that she will learn to love reading.

    Say hello to everyone for us!

  2. Hi Jackie. I’m glad you found the blog. I hope you check back often as I try to post updates at least every other week.

    Yes, Aerin remains a devoted reader. She has scored perfects 2 years in a row at her school when she takes a standardized reading test. She also took a test for library privileges that allows her to check out anything up to 12th grade level.

    As you guessed, I’m a proud papa. Ethan is our math whiz. While he does enjoy reading (and Aerin loves math & science), Ethan regularly scores well and was moved up a few grades.

    I will give everyone your love. Please feel free to share this site’s address with everyone at our Ottumwa church.

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. Hi Brother Bill, Thanks for writing back with the link here, and for Rebbeca’s Retreat.

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