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April 2016


Winter is slowly melting away.  The roads are snow free.  The yard, not so much.  There is still some ice hiding where the sun can’t find it.  The river ice has yet to go out.  But the sun feels so warm when the wind isn’t blowing.  Winter coats have given way to lighter jackets.  The babies have new bikes and new helmets.  Walking around town is much more pleasant.


Other than winter giving way to spring, the family focus is on wrapping up the school year.  Aerin is soon to graduate and is eager to spread her wings and fly away to college.  Rebecca and I are so proud of her (and the other three too), but we feel the bittersweet success of seeing our first child leave the nest.  I remind myself that other parents have survived and so have their adult children.  But I can’t help but see my little girl when looking at the young woman in front of me.

We have a new supporting church.  Many thanks to the pastor, his family and the family of believers at Kenny Lake Chapel for their prayers and financial support!

Sometimes I forget which pictures and stories we have shared.  If there are any duplicates, it’s because I love showing pics of my beautiful bride and kiddos.

On to some individual updates:

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March 2016

Greetings family and family of supporters!

Things have warmed up in Nenana.  We had a week of temperatures above freezing.  Shorts and t-shirts are not quite our norm yet.  Winter still has a bit of cold left for us.  But we can see ground under the snow in some places.

The winter has been a bit busy.  There are always things to do or things that need to be done.  All the kids are busy with school.  Aerin is busy getting her college application completed.  I wonder though, if it’s this busy in the winter, how crazy is summer going to be?

It’s been awhile since our last update.  So some of the updates may go back to January.

Some individual updates:

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Aerin and Ethan at the Spring Concert


December 2014 Update

Family Update December 2014

November has come and gone. We have had unseasonably warm weather. There is little snow on the ground and many days showed colder temperatures in the lower 48 than here. Fortunately, the warmth has not led to ice storms like we had last year.

As November closes, the time of year is a busy one for us. We co-hosted the 7th annual community Thanksgiving. It has been 7 years since community members asked if we would revive this long standing tradition. Multiple churches and community groups now come together to celebrate the holiday.

We are looking forward to lots of activity in December too. There are many Christmas parties. The church will host Christmas caroling on the 21st. Our family will again throw a Christmas Eve party and read the Christmas story to our friends and neighbors.

Pray that during this busy time of year that we do not lose sight of the glory of God displayed in the Son of God who was born in Bethlehem, lived a sinless life, and then died to atone for our sins calling us to be His bride.

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October 2014 Update

Snow is on the ground in Nenana.  Likely, the snow will stay until next spring.  The brilliant white covering the town drives home the reality of Isaiah 1:18:

“Come now, let us reason[a] together, says the Lord:
though your sins are like scarlet,
    they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red like crimson,
    they shall become like wool. (ESV)

The Troxels have now returned from traveling around Alaska.  We were able to attend a conference directed to ministering to rural pastors and missionary families.  We had a blessed time and caught up with dear friends.

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July 2014 Update


Image   Emily says “Hi.”

Greetings friends and family!  The summer is underway.  The days are long, but we’re losing daylight now that we have passed the solstice.

Once again, thank you so much for your extra gifts.  The Ford Excursion we were able to purchase in May has been a blessing.  There is ample room for everyone.  The large cargo space makes monthly shopping much easier.  Thank you for your help in filling this need.

Recently we have had quite a bit of rain for us.  The garden is green.  Emily and Billy are big fans of mud puddles.  We are incredibly thankful for the rain since fires can be a real danger.  Bill worked two fires in one day.  A wind storm blew wires down in two locations.  One was safe to fight directly.  The other had a tree tangled in a live power line.  It was a long and successful day.  all fires were put out.

Now for some individual updates…

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The Path We Tread

From valley to valley out over the hilltops,
From sunshine to fog like the darkest of night;
So we follow the Lord down life’s winding pathway,
And walk much by faith and little by sight.

‘Twould be easy to see were His presence like lightning,
And easy to hear if like thunder His voice;
But He leads in the quiet by the voice of the Spirit,
And we follow in love for we’ve made Him our choice.

The path that we tread by the cross is o’er shadowed,
And the glory at times by pain is made dim;
Temptations assail and the spirit grows weary,
Yet we’re ever sustained by the vision of Him.

The years of our lives be they few or be many,
Will soon pass away as dreams of the night;
Then we’ll step through the portals on eternity’s morning,
And greet Him in glory as faith turns to sight.

Richard L. Baxter

Source unknown