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Homeward Bound

The Troxels are starting the trip that takes us home! We will be on a plane this evening and arrive early morning into Anchorage. We will grab some sleep and then hit the road and get to our hometown by Friday evening.


Prayer Update:

I asked for prayer for a lady fighting cancer. She passed away last Thursday. Please pray for her husband and children and the rest of the family and friends. My fondest memory of this great lady is her smile. She had a smile that lit her entire face and the face of everyone around her. Her joy and love for life, her family and everyone around her was always evident. Join my family in praying for her family.


Travel Update:

We thoroughly enjoyed the time worshiping with the brethren at Clover Valley Community Church. The morning service included a wonderful testimony of one of the members. I was particularly moved by how the love of the folks at the church had made such an impact on his life. For the main service, I was able to share a few minutes of the ministry in Nenana and how blessed we are to live there. The message was an excellent handling of the passage in John concerning Jesus’ teaching of the vine and branches.

Monday morning, Ethan and I traveled with our district representatives to the conference location. Rebecca and Aerin came later with fellow Village Missionaries. The conference was in Ocean Park, Washington at the Sunset View Resort. The resort was wonderful and is a Christian organization eager to host Christian conferences.

The time in conference was blessed. The opening session was by Bill Wayland. Bill shared the role of suffering as God grows us into the image of Christ and for ministering to one another. Fellow missionaries, Bob and Ruth Silver, conducted several sessions. Bob focused on the challenges of pastors and the Scriptural truths that apply to them. Ruth took her experiences in Christian counseling and shared how pastoral families can work toward emotional health and stay healthy. She also passed along several tools to aid pastors in the spiritual care of God’s people.

Also during this time, Brian Wechsler, gave us a financial and state of ministry report for VM. While VM has been presented with several financial challenges in the past 2 years, God’s sovereign care is evident. For every challenge, God has lavished grace and glorified his name by providing for the needs of the mission and the missionaries. I am very thankful for the godly leadership within VM.

Following the conference, we got a ride into Portland with Butch and Jennifer Hallenbeck who serve in Glenwood, Washington. We checked into the Mark Spencer Hotel in the downtown area. That evening, we went to Powell’s Bookstore just a few blocks away. Fortunately they offer inexpensive shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Today, we spent the day relaxing and with the kids doing the last of their homework. We will be taking a cab to the airport at 6:30 p.m. Oregon time. By midnight AK time we will be in Anchorage. We are very homesick and eager to arrive home to Nenana by Friday evening.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us through prayer. Continue praying for our safe travel home. We feel very rested and eager to get back to life and ministry at home.

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Family Prayer

Hello all. I come before you needy. The Bible commands us to bear one another’s burdens and we are bearing a burden for a dear family member. We are asking folks to go before the Lord with us asking for His guidance, care, provision, and saving love for five dear people.

I received a call from my mom this morning about a sick family member. She was unsure the name of the condition, but it first affects the eyes, causing the muscles to keep the lids closed. From there is proceeds throughout the body leading to paralysis. The paralysis can lead to a wheelchair or being bedridden or could end in death.

There is one medical procedure that may cure the illness. The process is surgical and can be quite painful in recovery. If the procedure fails, there is no further treatment available. I am asking for prayer for the whole family.

My cousin’s wife Amy – the lady with the medical issue – for healing. Who knows the body better than the One who made it? Pray that He is at work in her body and guides and directs the doctors and surgeons.

My cousin Jason – pray for him as he comforts his wife and kids, but also he needs comfort. Pray for the Comforter to make God’s continuous presence felt. Pray for strength as he will need to lean heavily upon the Lord as he leads his family through this

My cousin’s kids (three of them) – for peace of mind and comfort as they endure everything happening to their mom

Thanks everyone. I will post an update when I have further news.

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The Privilege of Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral ministry offers so many opportunities to build into the precious lives all around us. This weekend we were so blessed to take part in several such opportunities. As a pastor and missionary I am so thankful to God for calling our family to Nenana.

This weekend was Nenana’s annual celebration of River Daze – a time to celebrate the role of the river in our town. The celebration included a BBQ near the river – inside this year due to the rainy weather. A bazaar was located in the same building – with several tables of local wares and a rummage sale for a local college scholarship. There was a booth outside that represented the town clean up project (Project Overhaul) and the freecycle.

Saturday afternoon was also an opportunity to celebrate the life of Bruce Boschert. Bruce passed away several month ago, and his wife provided us with a chance to celebrate his life. I was privileged to preach the message for Bruce’s memorial. Bruce has been a part of Nenana Community Church since the first pastor, Russ Sharrock, led the church and baptized Bruce. Bruce’s health had kept him from regular attendance these last few years. Still, I always enjoyed getting to visit with Bruce and Andi. Even though I visited with the hope of bringing cheer to Bruce, more often he brought cheer to me with his gentle kindness and love of people. After a time of Scripture, song, and eulogy, we all enjoyed a time of food and fond remembrances with the family.

Saturday evening was an opportunity to celebrate the wedding of a local couple. Their wedding occurred a few weeks ago and a honeymoon followed. The couple and their families organized a wedding reception upon their return to Nenana. What fun to see young love celebrate holy matrimony! We enjoyed good food, good entertainment, good dancing, and great people. The couple will be moving just a few doors down from us as soon as their new home has some work done to it.

Today, the morning began with the annual River Blessing. Most of the local churches came together and shared the opportunity to pray, lead singing, share a message and pronounce the blessing. I was so very pleased to be asked to pronounce the blessing. What joy to come together as a community to pray for God’s provision from the river and safety for all who travel it. Yet, we also take time to remember those who have died on the river and to pray for the continued comfort for their families.

Three very different opportunities to minister in the wonderful community we call home. What a privilege to be able to serve God and serve his people in Nenana.

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Much Belated Update…

Greetings everyone, so sorry for this much belated update. Following the loss of our baby, my health became an issue. I have a rare liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. PSC is an auto-immune disease that is chronic and progressive. Among other things, it typically causes a great deal of physical pain and various gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, I have been warned by physicians since I was diagnosed, that many with PSC eventually develop depressive conditions.

Such is the case now. The recent loss we have suffered seems to have triggered what has been called a Mood Disorder Due to General Medical Condition. The disorder is depression.

When I first felt concern over my emotional state, I spoke with the elders of the church. I wanted to to be aware of the possibility I was becoming depressed shortly after we returned from Hawaii. Further, I contacted my immediate supervisors in Village Missions. We agreed that I should see a physician as well as a therapist to get some professional opinions. The opinions were that the disease has progressed to the point where I can experience bouts of melancholy. The recommendation was to try an anti-depressant. The drug in question had been successfully used to treat both depression and pain in PSC patients.

After more discussion with the elders and VM representatives, I decided to take the medication. The warning given was that it could take 8 weeks to get full effect. As of this blog post, I am past the 8 weeks and feel much better. The medication has dramatically improved the pain associated with the disease. Even more, it has reset my sleep cycle. Whereas I dealt with insomnia from the PSC for several years, I am getting good and restful sleep.

I recently had a follow up with the physician which showed great improvement. We agreed to that I would remain on the medication for some time due especially to the amazing reduction in pain.

On one Sunday, I shared the situation with the entire church. I have also shared it with many in the community. I have received an incredible amount of support and encouragement from many people. I visited a friend yesterday that I had not seen for almost a month and he was amazed at the obvious improvement. So I am well and well cared for. I am including the audio of the presentation to the church concerning the situation. I am very willing to answer questions and I relish the prayers of all our family, friends, and supporters. You all have done so much for which I thank you and appreciate what you continue to do for us as well.


or download the audio by clicking the link below
Click Here

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Miscarriage Update

I wanted to update everyone on the latest news from the Troxels concerning the loss of Baby Joy. First let me say that we have received such wonderful care and support from so many folks. Thank you. We also appreciate the many prayers offered to the Father on our behalf. Thank you.

This week, Rebecca had a follow up doctor visit. The visit was to check on her after the D&C. The visit went well. The doctor has assured us that Rebecca is physically well. We have been given the green light to try again at about the 3 month mark. Most of what we have heard about the 3 months has to do with grief as much as physical concerns. We are discussing now when we think will be a good time to try to get pregnant again.

Physically all is well. Mentally and emotionally we are still dealing with the loss. We feel that we are handling the grief well, but we still feel sorrow over our loss. Continued prayers are requested as grief is a process that should not be rushed.

The kids are doing well. This past week was spring break and they enjoyed their respite. They have moved quickly through their grief, but we expected this to be the case. Now, their sorrow seems to be a child’s empathy for the sorrow of the parents.

Again, we are grateful for every bit of support. We now pray that in the months to come, we will be able to announce another baby. We are not trying to replace the baby we lost, but wish to add to our family the joy of a new life. Please pray with us that the next pregnancy will be healthy and result in a healthy delivery.

Soli Deo Glloria

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Sermon Podcast March 7th, 2010

This sermon podcast is outside of my usual series. As I have discussed on the blog, we are experiencing a lot of grief over the loss of our baby. After much prayer, I felt led to preach a sermon on grief – but not grief alone. The message also points to the hope, peace, and joy we feel even in our loss.

The sermon text is Psalm 46.

Preached by Bill Troxel
Sermon for March 7th, 2010

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Miscarriages and Fathers

While spending time looking for information about miscarriages and grief, I discovered that fathers can be neglected. It is no surprise that an expectant mom has a deep connection to her baby. Unfortunately, people may forget that fathers develop a connection too. While our connection lacks the physical aspect of carrying a baby, fathers are emotionally and spiritually connected with the mom and the baby.

This is seen in the how people may respond to such a loss. Most of the sentiments and inquiries are directed toward the mom. Often the dad is more visible as he is trying to protect his wife and shelter her from too many intrusions. The questions then are directed toward the mom for the dad to answer. The dad’s loss can be overlooked.

In my situation, I have not been ignored. I am blessed to live in a wonderful community and serve a healthy church. While many sentiments and questions concern Rebecca’s well being, many are also directed at me. I am thankful for the care so many have shown to Rebecca and to me and to the kids. However, I started thinking about other fathers that might be struggling. My challenge to myself and my readers – consider the loss of the father and minister to him as well.

I discovered a poem about the father in such a loss

A Poem for Daddy
– author unknown

It must be very difficult,
To be a man in grief.
Since “Men don’t cry”; and “Men are strong”
No tears can bring relief.

It must be very difficult
To stand up to the test.
And field calls and visitors
So she can get some rest.

They always ask if she’s all right
And what she’s going through.
But seldom take his hand and ask
My Friend, but how are you?

He hears her crying in the night
And thinks his heart will break.
He dries her tears and comforts her,
But “stays strong” for her sake.

It must be very difficult
to start each day anew,
And try to be so very brave
He lost his baby too.

I also want to include some articles that discuss the grief of fathers and coping mechanisms (both good and bad.) By raising awareness of these things, perhaps other fathers will receive the same support and care I am receiving from our community, our church, our supporters, and our family.

Miscarriage: Fathers Hurt, too!

Nobody Understands Me

Where Does A Father Find Support?

What’s Wrong With Me?

Coping With Miscarriage

A Father’s Perspective on Miscarriage

Miscarriage and Fathers

Please, if you know a couple that is grieving a miscarriage, check out these articles for advice in ministering to the father. The couple is grieving together and both should be cared for and ministered to.

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