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Long Overdue Update

This update is long past due. Following our trip in November much has happened. I felt overwhelmed each time I thought about getting this blog up to date. So I will give some brief updates on several topics.

First, last year we experienced the pain of a miscarriage. As many know and have known, we are eagerly awaiting baby Emily who has May 22 as her expected due date. Her two older siblings were both later than their due date, so we think Emily may run a little late too. We also had an ultrasound recently that gave us a great view of Emily.

Baby Emily

Also, many know that my mom passed away in late February. I was able to get to Iowa in about 24 hours. I spent about 2 weeks there. I was privileged to conduct her service myself. Many thanks to the folks at First Pentecostal Assembly of God in Ottumwa, Iowa for hosting a luncheon following the service. Even more thanks to all who helped me clean out mom’s home (special thanks to Steve, Brenda, Shawn, Teresa, Will and little Will, and my father & many others.) All in all, the trip was pleasant and I enjoyed seeing family. A second trip is necessary to finish her business with the bank. That trip will be on April 10th and my son will accompany me. During that trip I will join mom’s siblings in picking out a marble marker and inter her cremains in a family plot in Missouri.

A unexpected joy while in Iowa was spending time with my father and brother. We spent some good time visiting and catching up.

Todd and I

Dad and the boys

Again thanks to everyone for the prayers.

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Much Belated Update…

Greetings everyone, so sorry for this much belated update. Following the loss of our baby, my health became an issue. I have a rare liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. PSC is an auto-immune disease that is chronic and progressive. Among other things, it typically causes a great deal of physical pain and various gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, I have been warned by physicians since I was diagnosed, that many with PSC eventually develop depressive conditions.

Such is the case now. The recent loss we have suffered seems to have triggered what has been called a Mood Disorder Due to General Medical Condition. The disorder is depression.

When I first felt concern over my emotional state, I spoke with the elders of the church. I wanted to to be aware of the possibility I was becoming depressed shortly after we returned from Hawaii. Further, I contacted my immediate supervisors in Village Missions. We agreed that I should see a physician as well as a therapist to get some professional opinions. The opinions were that the disease has progressed to the point where I can experience bouts of melancholy. The recommendation was to try an anti-depressant. The drug in question had been successfully used to treat both depression and pain in PSC patients.

After more discussion with the elders and VM representatives, I decided to take the medication. The warning given was that it could take 8 weeks to get full effect. As of this blog post, I am past the 8 weeks and feel much better. The medication has dramatically improved the pain associated with the disease. Even more, it has reset my sleep cycle. Whereas I dealt with insomnia from the PSC for several years, I am getting good and restful sleep.

I recently had a follow up with the physician which showed great improvement. We agreed to that I would remain on the medication for some time due especially to the amazing reduction in pain.

On one Sunday, I shared the situation with the entire church. I have also shared it with many in the community. I have received an incredible amount of support and encouragement from many people. I visited a friend yesterday that I had not seen for almost a month and he was amazed at the obvious improvement. So I am well and well cared for. I am including the audio of the presentation to the church concerning the situation. I am very willing to answer questions and I relish the prayers of all our family, friends, and supporters. You all have done so much for which I thank you and appreciate what you continue to do for us as well.


or download the audio by clicking the link below
Click Here

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Miscarriage Update

I wanted to update everyone on the latest news from the Troxels concerning the loss of Baby Joy. First let me say that we have received such wonderful care and support from so many folks. Thank you. We also appreciate the many prayers offered to the Father on our behalf. Thank you.

This week, Rebecca had a follow up doctor visit. The visit was to check on her after the D&C. The visit went well. The doctor has assured us that Rebecca is physically well. We have been given the green light to try again at about the 3 month mark. Most of what we have heard about the 3 months has to do with grief as much as physical concerns. We are discussing now when we think will be a good time to try to get pregnant again.

Physically all is well. Mentally and emotionally we are still dealing with the loss. We feel that we are handling the grief well, but we still feel sorrow over our loss. Continued prayers are requested as grief is a process that should not be rushed.

The kids are doing well. This past week was spring break and they enjoyed their respite. They have moved quickly through their grief, but we expected this to be the case. Now, their sorrow seems to be a child’s empathy for the sorrow of the parents.

Again, we are grateful for every bit of support. We now pray that in the months to come, we will be able to announce another baby. We are not trying to replace the baby we lost, but wish to add to our family the joy of a new life. Please pray with us that the next pregnancy will be healthy and result in a healthy delivery.

Soli Deo Glloria

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Miscarriage continued

I wanted to share the latest news. We went for a doctor’s visit in Fairbanks on Thursday.

The doctor looked over the information from the hospital in Hawaii. He also gave Rebecca a sonogram. The baby’s body was no longer discernible, but a lot of tissue remained.

We were told that Rebecca had a “missed miscarriage.” This is where the baby dies, but the mom’s body carries on as if the baby is alive. This can cause great health concerns as the baby’s body can cause infections in the mom. While the mom may deliver the baby, she may not. The doctor was concerned that given the baby’s developmental age and the fact that Rebecca had not delivered the baby in the time since the baby died that Rebecca could be at risk.

After considering several options, it was decided that Rebecca would undergo a procedure in the office. This required a dose of pills before the procedure, a local anesthetic and further pain pills and an antibiotic. During the procedure, the remaining tissue from the baby and placenta was removed. There were no complications.

We are thankful for friends that watched Aerin and Ethan (on Thursday) and for the meals so many have provided. This has allowed me to care for Rebecca without needing to worry about feeding everyone.

Further news…

The doctor has no concerns about future attempts to have another baby. He has advised another visit in two weeks to verify mom’s health followed by three months for healing and rest. Sometime this summer, we will try for another baby. We pray that the good Lord will bless us with another child.

Concerning the child we have lost, the kids asked if we could celebrate the baby’s birthday as being on March 1st. Their reasoning is that on March 1st, our baby went to heaven. The evening after my last post, we went to downtown Waikiki and had cake and ice cream. Aerin also suggested a name for our baby. Since our baby brought us so much joy we will be calling Baby Troxel “Joy.” Baby Joy is truly a part of our family. While we are grieving, we also celebrate the joy God gave us.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support.

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Thank you for your prayers. The Lord is good all the time. Baby Troxel has miscarried.

We went to a local hospital and had an ultrasound. The results showed that Baby Troxel had no heartbeat. There is no current word on any cause. We have a doctor’s appointment this coming Thursday. We will be back home Wednesday evening. We need our people around us. We can’t wait to be back to Nenana.

We are hurting and in need of further prayers. Mom is fine physically. Emotionally we are wrecks. We need all the support we can get right now.

In a few hours, the kids will be brought back to us from a trip with grandma. We will tell them then.

I will be preaching on Sunday. For years I have told my people to trust in God, find peace in Him and joy in Him even when it hurts. This Sunday, we will share why we still have joy and hope even when it hurts so bad.

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Prayer Opportunity *Updated*

Friends & Family, we have some prayer needs and I hope you will take these needs before the Lord.

Saturday, a young man was struck and killed on the highway. He left behind a beloved girlfriend, daughter, and many other friends and family. The accident involved another local person. Please pray for everyone involved in this tragedy.

Saturday, a good friend from way back called to tell me that he and his wife are separating. Please pray for the healing needed for both these dear people and for an extra measure of grace and mercy from on high so that their marriage will not only survive but become strong. Both are believers and have godly people in their lives to provide nurture, encouragement, and biblical counsel.

Late Saturday/early Sunday, my mom had a seizure. She was found collapsed on the floor and unresponsive. I am very thankful for her long time boyfriend Mike who found her and got her to the hospital. He stayed with her until other family was able to show up. Pray for her and her health and for Mike as he is obviously distraught. Pray for us as we are anxious for her sake. Pray for the doctors that they can discover the reason for the seizure and can restore her to health.

I talked with my mom today. She is back home. The theory is that a drastic switch in medication caused the seizure. The docs are working out some new medications to meet her health needs.

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A Loss in Nenana

A local young man was tragically killed tonight while trying to cross the Parks Highway on his snow machine.  In every small town, eveyone seems well known.  Even in this case, he was not only well known, but well loved.  He was always ready with a joke to bring a smile to your face.

For the sake of his family’s privacy, I’ll not name him or them, but God knows who they are and how they hurt. Please pray for them.

Please pray for us too. We hope to extend our concern to everyone in the community at all times and even more when tragedy strikes. Please pray that we be ready for any small service we may extend and for the grace and peace of God to minister to them through us.

Please pray for all of Nenana. While the family’s loss is truly great, the whole community suffers from the loss of such a wonderful person as this young man.

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