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The Path We Tread

From valley to valley out over the hilltops,
From sunshine to fog like the darkest of night;
So we follow the Lord down life’s winding pathway,
And walk much by faith and little by sight.

‘Twould be easy to see were His presence like lightning,
And easy to hear if like thunder His voice;
But He leads in the quiet by the voice of the Spirit,
And we follow in love for we’ve made Him our choice.

The path that we tread by the cross is o’er shadowed,
And the glory at times by pain is made dim;
Temptations assail and the spirit grows weary,
Yet we’re ever sustained by the vision of Him.

The years of our lives be they few or be many,
Will soon pass away as dreams of the night;
Then we’ll step through the portals on eternity’s morning,
And greet Him in glory as faith turns to sight.

Richard L. Baxter

Source unknown


Rational Faith?

Recently I came across an article written by a Christian research scientist and professor. The article examines the faith of the scientist since many atheists claim one cannot be a Christian and be intelligent too. The article is laid out in an outline form and was written up for use in the author’s church.

I wanted to add the article and ask for comments – what do you think about the claims of the author?

Can a Thinking Person Be a Christian?


Michael A. Covington – Beech Haven Baptist Church – 2006 June 13

1. When I was young, I thought that as I became more educated, I’d have to either abandon traditional Christianity or start ignoring evidence. As I grew older I learned that:

a. The claims of Christ survive all the intellectual tests I can put them to;

b. If they did not, they would not be worth believing.

c. Very few people have actually become non-Christians because of intellectual arguments. Mostly, they take it on authority that someone else has disproved the Gospel… or they fall away from Christ first and then look for rational justification. (Behavior first, then intellect.)

2. It makes no sense to be a semi-Christian, to just “draw inspiration” from the Gospel without actually believing it.

a. Why should I “draw inspiration” from Christ rather than somebody else?

b. Christ didn’t present himself as a source of “inspiration.” He claimed to be God. Either he was God, or he was not a sane man! (Some say he didn’t actually claim to be God. Well, his followers certainly thought he did, from a very early stage.)

3. So why shouldn’t I be a Christian? Some non-objections:

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That’s My King

This Sunday, I shared a video presentation of a portion of a sermon preached by S.M. Lockridge – commonly called “That’s My King.” The video is a series of images combined with text along with an audio track. The video is less than 4 minutes long. However, there is also an extended version that adds even more about the wonderful Savior.

I decided to add the video of both for your edification and enjoyment.

Shorter Version:

Extended Version:

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Well,  AWANA has begun for this school year. Today was a theme day – Double Dollar Day! Today, every section completed was worth two AWANA dollars for the kids.

I have the privilege of working with the Sparks club. I usually have the same kids each week. Two of these kids have been with me since last year. One of these, a boy, was finishing a section where he was reciting John 1:1-4. I began asking him if he understood the passage. He explained that Jesus had come as Savior and that Jesus was everyone’s Savior.

I explained that this was not exactly true. Jesus is the Savior for those who trust in him to save them from their sins. People who never turn to Jesus and trust in him for their salvation have no Savior.

He thought about this for awhile. I could almost see the little gears turning. I asked him if he had ever asked Jesus to be his Savior and got a head shake in reply. So I asked if he thought it was time to ask Jesus to be his Savior. He responded that he thought he should recite more sections and pray to Jesus later. Continue reading