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April 2015 Update

April 2015

10265389_772503579523391_3450748961098115762_o Pictures courtesy of Aerin Troxel Photography

The weather continues to warm up in Nenana.  For the last week we have had daytime temperatures above freezing.  What little snow we have is melting quickly.  The roads are getting sloppy in the day and roughly frozen over at night.  In some places, pools are collecting to turn into treacherous ice slicks every evening.

Along with warmer weather, our days are growing.  We have almost 13 hours of daylight already.  That is up more than 8 hours a day just since Christmas.  I really enjoy going to and from work in the light.  These longer days will mean increased melting.  We already have our rubber boots out because things will be getting muddy very soon.

As the spring comes in, we are also looking forward to travel in June.  Rebecca has made a lot of reservations for our trip.  We will leave from Alaska at the end of May and travel to Nevada.  From there, we will go see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.  Our hope is to visit Rebecca’s grandmother in celebration of her 100th birthday.  Unfortunately, her health is deteriorating.  That is a prayer request, dear friends and family, for grandma and also Rebecca’s parents as they care for her in these last days.

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October 2014 Update

Snow is on the ground in Nenana.  Likely, the snow will stay until next spring.  The brilliant white covering the town drives home the reality of Isaiah 1:18:

“Come now, let us reason[a] together, says the Lord:
though your sins are like scarlet,
    they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red like crimson,
    they shall become like wool. (ESV)

The Troxels have now returned from traveling around Alaska.  We were able to attend a conference directed to ministering to rural pastors and missionary families.  We had a blessed time and caught up with dear friends.

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Homeward Bound

The Troxels are starting the trip that takes us home! We will be on a plane this evening and arrive early morning into Anchorage. We will grab some sleep and then hit the road and get to our hometown by Friday evening.


Prayer Update:

I asked for prayer for a lady fighting cancer. She passed away last Thursday. Please pray for her husband and children and the rest of the family and friends. My fondest memory of this great lady is her smile. She had a smile that lit her entire face and the face of everyone around her. Her joy and love for life, her family and everyone around her was always evident. Join my family in praying for her family.


Travel Update:

We thoroughly enjoyed the time worshiping with the brethren at Clover Valley Community Church. The morning service included a wonderful testimony of one of the members. I was particularly moved by how the love of the folks at the church had made such an impact on his life. For the main service, I was able to share a few minutes of the ministry in Nenana and how blessed we are to live there. The message was an excellent handling of the passage in John concerning Jesus’ teaching of the vine and branches.

Monday morning, Ethan and I traveled with our district representatives to the conference location. Rebecca and Aerin came later with fellow Village Missionaries. The conference was in Ocean Park, Washington at the Sunset View Resort. The resort was wonderful and is a Christian organization eager to host Christian conferences.

The time in conference was blessed. The opening session was by Bill Wayland. Bill shared the role of suffering as God grows us into the image of Christ and for ministering to one another. Fellow missionaries, Bob and Ruth Silver, conducted several sessions. Bob focused on the challenges of pastors and the Scriptural truths that apply to them. Ruth took her experiences in Christian counseling and shared how pastoral families can work toward emotional health and stay healthy. She also passed along several tools to aid pastors in the spiritual care of God’s people.

Also during this time, Brian Wechsler, gave us a financial and state of ministry report for VM. While VM has been presented with several financial challenges in the past 2 years, God’s sovereign care is evident. For every challenge, God has lavished grace and glorified his name by providing for the needs of the mission and the missionaries. I am very thankful for the godly leadership within VM.

Following the conference, we got a ride into Portland with Butch and Jennifer Hallenbeck who serve in Glenwood, Washington. We checked into the Mark Spencer Hotel in the downtown area. That evening, we went to Powell’s Bookstore just a few blocks away. Fortunately they offer inexpensive shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Today, we spent the day relaxing and with the kids doing the last of their homework. We will be taking a cab to the airport at 6:30 p.m. Oregon time. By midnight AK time we will be in Anchorage. We are very homesick and eager to arrive home to Nenana by Friday evening.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us through prayer. Continue praying for our safe travel home. We feel very rested and eager to get back to life and ministry at home.

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Family Prayer

Hello all. I come before you needy. The Bible commands us to bear one another’s burdens and we are bearing a burden for a dear family member. We are asking folks to go before the Lord with us asking for His guidance, care, provision, and saving love for five dear people.

I received a call from my mom this morning about a sick family member. She was unsure the name of the condition, but it first affects the eyes, causing the muscles to keep the lids closed. From there is proceeds throughout the body leading to paralysis. The paralysis can lead to a wheelchair or being bedridden or could end in death.

There is one medical procedure that may cure the illness. The process is surgical and can be quite painful in recovery. If the procedure fails, there is no further treatment available. I am asking for prayer for the whole family.

My cousin’s wife Amy – the lady with the medical issue – for healing. Who knows the body better than the One who made it? Pray that He is at work in her body and guides and directs the doctors and surgeons.

My cousin Jason – pray for him as he comforts his wife and kids, but also he needs comfort. Pray for the Comforter to make God’s continuous presence felt. Pray for strength as he will need to lean heavily upon the Lord as he leads his family through this

My cousin’s kids (three of them) – for peace of mind and comfort as they endure everything happening to their mom

Thanks everyone. I will post an update when I have further news.

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Pastor Appreciation

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.

First, let me be clear. I feel appreciated far more often than once a year. The folks in the church and many folks around town regularly encourage me (and the rest of the family.) Especially in this last year, the various challenges (miscarriage and my health situation) have proved time and again how much and how well I am cared for by the Nenana Community Church and Nenana.

Now on to our local celebration of this month. The folks here decided to put a substantial sum toward our vacation which begins today. I was left speechless which those who know me also know that doesn’t happen too often. We also received a card with lots of handwritten notes of encouragement inside.

This being the first Sunday of the month, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. After the service we moved on to the Bennett’s for a potluck. So, we got to spend the day in fellowship. We rounded out the day with a waffle supper complete with bacon, sausage and fresh eggs from our chickens.

We are so very blessed to serve here in Nenana and feel the warmth of the Christian family we enjoy here. Thank you folks for who you are as well as the encouragement you bring everyday and the gift you gave us today.

Also thanks to Innoko & family for taking care of our little dog Maggie while we are away. Thanks to Gabrielle our housesitter too. I will keep everyone up to date on how things go as we enjoy a time of rest and refreshment.

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Latest News

Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep praying.

The latest news from going to the hospital:

I did indeed have an infection and was running a fever of 103 and experiencing quite a bit of pain and nausea. The blood results came back that it was not a liver specific infection but it was seriously impacting my liver condition. I was given fluids and medication for both the nausea and pain.

While I was getting poked and tested and taped, the nurses and blood tech commented on my positive attitude and sense of humor. I told them that as a Christian I preferred a joyful response. One of the nurses was a Christian and said that definitely explained my good attitude and friendliness. Praise the Lord, I was able to bear witness to his grace even in the midst of illness.

The doctor also ordered a CT scan. I need these periodically to monitor my bile ducts for a cancerous growth called a cholangiocarcinoma. There was none. I always breathe a sigh of relief when the news comes back “all clear.” The additional fluids and medication really improved my situation and the doctor felt comfortable sending me home after I filled several prescriptions.

At home, the nausea and pain medication continued to help. I was able to get re-hydrated. I am needing a lot of rest, and am getting the best of care from Rebecca and the kids.

Again, thanks for the prayers and please continue to pray. I will be easily tired and a bit frazzled for several more days before I can get back on track. The grace and mercy of God are my constant resourse and his joy is my strength.

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August Update

Wow, the seasons seem to be speeding right along. Summer is essentially over in Nenana. The leaves are turning golden and already have started to fall. The night time temperatures are already threatening our first frost. Another strong indicator of the new season is seen in preparations for the new school year and for our AWANA program.

August 15th marked our 3 year anniversary in Nenana. One friend commented that it seemed as if we had belonged to the town for much longer than a mere three years. We feel the same way. Nenana is our home and we love being here. We are so very thankful to God for sending our family to this wonderful place and among such wonderful people. Part of the celebration was a day long potluck. We had a great lunch and then spent the afternoon enjoying the good company. The evening ended with a waffle supper.

For Rebecca the month has proven quite busy. In addition to being a wonderful help meet as a wife and a caring mom, she also is now a travel agent. The family will be traveling to California for some vacation and finish a 3 week trip with a Village Missions conference. She is getting the plane and train tickets worked out. She has also planned special events for every member of the family.

Rebecca is also spending a goodly amount of time canning. Food in Alaska can be quite expensive. By harvesting garden produce and canning it, we will have a nice larder laid back for the winter months. Rebecca’s chickens are now almost to maturity and we can expect eggs within the next few weeks.

Aerin turned 12 this month – her favorite gift was an i-pod touch. We look at her and in one sense see a little toddler. Then we realize how fast she has grown and are amazed at how fast it has gone. She is a great daughter and is a dedicated believer. She may begin to minister in AWANA now that she has graduated from it. In extra special news, she has gotten braces. One more way that she looks more the young lady than the toddler.

Ethan is turning into quite the handyman. With little help from dad, he has crafted quite the tree house. He built it from parts from a neighbor who is doing some house construction. The tree house comes complete with rope ladder and an elevator of sorts – a bucket, a pulley and a rope to haul up supplies. In addition to building, he is often seen buzzing around town on an electric scooter.

Bill turned 37 this month – one of his favorite gifts was a set of Bible commentaries written by John Calvin. He has taken up pistol shooting as a hobby. His friend Lynn was a military pistol instructor and they are enjoying time together with several other men in the church at the local range. This fall, Bill is the new AWANA commander and is looking forward to the experience.

In other news, school starts tomorrow (Wednesday the 1st of September.) The kids are excited. Aerin begins junior high and Ethan is in 4th grade. All of the extracurricular activities are starting up and it will prove to be a busy school year.

Also, for those who prayed and have been praying concerning the miscarriage last February – please continue to pray as we hope to have good news this autumn that the Lord has blessed us with another little one.

Let me say thanks once again to all who support us – our family, friends, and church. We feel well cared for and very much loved. The Lord has abundantly blessed us with a wonderful network of support for which we always thank him and we also thank you.

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