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What an adventure!

We were woken this morning at about 3:30 a.m. by Rebecca’s mom. She had received a call that the earthquake in Chile had started a tsunami that was expected to hit Hawaii. We gathered some supplies and she picked us up and had us on high ground by 4:30 a.m.

Later in the morning (7 a.m.), we were able to enter a state park and wait for the tsunami. News reports stated that the waves could be up to 8 feet. These are not normal waves, but walls of water carrying debris and very dangerous to both life and property. We waited in the park for an all clear signal from the Hawaiian government to return home. The signal came a little after 1 p.m.

We were able to return home. We are tired from a sleepless night and the nervous energy of not knowing how severe the tsunami might be. We have stayed in tonight. We are enjoying a restful night and looking forward to some fun the next few days before returning to Alaska on the 3rd. I wanted our friends and family to know we are safe. Expect more updates when we get home late next week.

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